Monday, July 26 – Rehearsal 5-9

Tuesday, July 27 – Rehearsal 5-9

Wednesday, July 28 – Rehearsal 5-9

Thursday, July 29 – Rehearsal 5-9

Friday, July 30 – ANDERSON TARTAN TOURNAMENT OF BANDS 6 PM (Blue Regiment performance at 7:12 pm in first half)

Saturday, July 31 – day off

Sunday, August 1 – rehearsal 3-6; ICE CREAM SOCIAL 5-6 (Blue Regiment community performance at 7:30 PM)


July 17 – Archway Classic (5th Place – 59.3)

July 23 – Jay County Fair (3rd Place – 68.125)

Jay County Contest – July 23, 2021


To learn more about Being Part of the Band, including instrument demonstrations and the positive benefits for students and families through studying music, please click on the following link: Centerville Junior High Band

Once students have decided which instrument they want to play, signing up for band is very simple! A separate form has been sent by the junior high school where students indicate which band (or choir) class they want to take (please write in their top two choices of instruments). Return the form back to their classroom teacher before Friday, May 21st. It’s that easy!

When we return in August, those students enrolled in band will have a personal instrument “fitting” where they can tryout their chosen band instrument and confirm that’s the one for them. Then during band class in August, we will begin the process of setting up a rental through Quinlan & Fabish (formerly Muncie Music Center) and getting all their needed materials to “Strike Up the Band.”

In the meantime, if your family already has an instrument for your child to play, now’s the time to get the instrument inspected and repaired for use in the fall. Please contact me so I can help get an estimate and ensure that your musical instrument is ready to go once school begins!

Blue Symphonic Winds Concert, April 23, 2021

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