Monday, April 12 – BLUE DAY

Tuesday, April 13 – WHITE DAY

Wednesday, April 14 – BLUE DAY

Thursday, April 15 – WHITE DAY

Friday, April 16 – WHITE DAY


(Underlined text indicates an update or change from the band handbook. This is the most current information.)

We are taking many precautions based on research being conducted by the International Coalition of Performing Arts. Based on their current findings, we have implemented the following in order to provide an environment that is conducive to learning:

on Rehearsals-

(3) Three H13 HEPA air purifiers (400 CADR) to improve air exchange rate in our rehearsal area.

Students need to be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.  Attendance and tardies will be recorded by the instructor at this time.  Students will be dismissed by section/small groups to get their instrument and music, unpack and return to their seat ready for class. Packing up will be completed in similar fashion, with assigned students being responsible for spraying disinfectant in their respective areas.

Woodwind and Brass members must wear masks while performing on their instruments.  A mask with a slit is to be used in the band room to allow access to the mouthpieces for most woodwinds and brass. Flutes will perform with their head joint under the mask. Woodwinds (clarinets and saxophones) must utilize appropriate instrument coverings when playing to assist in limiting aerosols. Brass must utilize appropriate bell covers when playing to assist in limiting aerosols.

Percussion must wear masks at all times.  Percussionists must provide their own sticks and mallets (DO NOT SHARE) for performing on school instruments.  Be aware and limit the handling and touching of percussion instruments except when absolutely necessary.  Certain instrument mallets (ex. Bass drum, gong) must be sprayed and wiped down at the conclusion of playing by the member that last played it.  Mallet keyboards must be sprayed and wiped in a similar fashion.

Brass players should empty water keys into puppy training pads, which will be provided for your seat area, careful to avoid wide dispersal of droplets and aerosols when doing so.  Puppy training pads are to be a one-use item (throw in trash at end of class).

Indoor rehearsals are limited to 30 minutes (comprehensive and all-inclusive).  After the conclusion of indoor rehearsal, we will vacate the room to allow

on PerformancesUnder current conditions, public performances (ex.athletic or concert) will only be considered when appropriate safety precautions can be ensured for our students and spectators. Because this has major significance for our class, students will complete performance projects via technology and present virtual recitals each grading period. 

Online & Distant Learning Band Policy

Students that are opting for distance learning and online instruction for band courses must:

1) be online for streaming instruction (ZOOM) during class meeting times

2) participate in all class activities (discussion threads, classwork exit tickets, etc.); all public performances are excused for online and distant learners

3) complete and submit all course work

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